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Why Our Training Course?

The EcoSmart Electricians training program was developed and implemented by the National Electrical & Communications Association (NECA), Australia's peak Electrical Contracting industry body.  The training program runs in all states of Australia through the NECA State Chapters.  EcoSmart Electricians are fully licensed by the relevant State licensing authority, specially trained in energy efficiency and then accredited by NECA.

As an EcoSmart Electrician you can perform all the normal services expected from an Electrician, with one important difference - You are trained to understand and develop the best Eco-friendly solutions for your client's premises to ensure you reduce energy use, do our bit for the environment and more importantly save money.

Through the program, Electricians gain the knowledge, the skills, and the confidence to become an energy efficient expert. The accredited contracting business can use the EcoSmart Electricians brand to add strength and credibility to their team, their service and their business.

The program creates a new philosophy, by teaching electricians and contractors alike to look for the energy efficient option with every installation, job, project and program approached.
As an EcoSmart Electrician you will be recognized apart from the rest.

Training is just the beginning!
With EcoSmart Electricians, the training is just the beginning. Once a business is accredited the contractor has access to a wealth of information and tools to assist them in building their business and promoting the energy efficient solutions the business is now able to provide.

Accredited EcoSmart Electricians have access to all this...
• Use of EcoSmart Electricians branding on marketing material, uniforms and company vehicles. Including bumper stickers, accredited contractor stickers, brochures, certificates etc. enabling you to promote your EcoSmart Electricians accreditation and knowledge of energy efficient installations and products to your customers.

• On-going technical information and support through the exclusive members area on
• Valuable advertising support through your listing on "search for an EcoSmart Electrician" on the website.
• Promotional and advertising support through National publications, sustainable websites, public expos and shows
• Access to industry experts, providing up-to-date technical and marketing advice and support through the exclusive members area on
• Access to complimentary courses at subsidised pricing
• An Up-to-date monthly email newsletter highlighting the latest changes, industry trends and EcoSmart Electrician news.


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