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What our EcoSmart Electricians think

Joe Sultana of JP&T Electrical Contractors introduced the EcoSmart Electricians logo to all employee uniforms when the business was first accredited in January 2008, he states:

"We wear this logo with pride and I refer to our EcoSmart training, offering energy efficient knowledge and expertise, whenever I approach a new job."

Richard Sammon of Sammon Electrical has built his business, providing an energy efficient service, since he became an accredited EcoSmart Electrician in May 2008.

"I find that when clients are already thinking about energy efficiency and saving money, they easily understand the benefits of investing in other installations such as energy efficient lighting and solar power systems", Said Richard. "As long as we can show them the reasonable pay back periods, the long term gains speak for themselves."

John Cutler of Keemin Electrical explains:
"As EcoSmart Electricians, we look for a long term sustainable solution that is viable for our clients."

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