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Climate change is a reality - Your customers understand this!

Although consumers understand that climate change is real and that they should do something about it, many do not know where to start! This confusion is amplified by the amount of information out there, some relevant, some not - but how do they see through the Green Wash? 

As an EcoSmart Electrician, you can help your clients sift through the information overload and provide them with the relevant information that they can understand:

  • How much will they save?
  • How many black balloons will they reduce per year?
  • What incentives and rebates are in place for them to benefit from?

When you become an EcoSmart Electrician you will be able to answer these questions and offer essential energy efficient advice your clients. There are also a number of tools available to accredited members within the members area of this website.

Some of the links below will can assist you today:

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