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Applying for Accreditation

Electricians who successfully complete all four of the EcoSmart Electricians training modules will be recognised and granted Energy Efficiency Certification. The training course is also registered with the NTIS.

Contractors who employ the required number of Electricians with the Energy Efficient Certification are eligible to apply for accreditation as EcoSmart Electricians. This enables them to trade and promote their additional skills and add value to the service they offer.

National accreditation is $385 inc GST per annum.

No of Electricians


No of Electricians

with Energy Efficient


1-2 1
3-5 2
6-10 3
11-15 4
16-20 5
21-50 7
50+ 8

 Your Application for Accreditation

I/We certify and agree to the following clauses:

  • That all of the above mentioned information is true and correct; and
  • That as a condition of acceptance of this application, agree, if approved for accreditation, to adhere to and be bound by the current EcoSmart Electricians Code of Conduct, which may be modified or varied in any extent in the future; and
  • That in the event of accreditation being withdrawn or upon resignation, agree to
    • not use any EcoSmart Electricians stationery and literature, etc
    • remove all logos, devices and insignia's from vehicles, shop windows or other places that could give a misleading impression to others that I/We are still accredited EcoSmart Electricians
    • not advertise or otherwise hold out that I/We are accredited EcoSmart electricians

Please read and agree to the code of conduct

I have read, understood and agreed to the code of conduct.

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