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Electricity Prices Rises

New South Wales

Electricity prices will increase by an average of 18.1% across the state. Customers who are serviced by Energy Australia will face the biggest increase of 20.6% compared to Country Energy 19.7% and Integral Energy 11.8%. These rises come on top of average increases of 10% in 2010 and 17% in 2011.


Electricity prices will increase across all five distribution areas in Victoria but the amount will depend on which electricity retailer the customer is with. The Average household can expect increases of between 8.2 and 14.8% but come on top of prices rises authorised at the start or 2012.


While the main residential tariff remains the same other tariffs have been increased which will affect many households and farmers. It has been reported that households will face an average increase of 16%.

Western Australia

From July 1 households in Synergy's network area (South Western WA) can anticipate increases of 12.6%.

South Australia

The Essential Services Commission of South Australia has announced electricity prices will increase by 18% from 1 August which will make mean this state has the highest electricity prices in the country.
It is expected that 9 out of 10 Tasmania families will be receiving compensation for the carbon tax, however the carbon tax is still expected to cause a rise in electricity bills of about $171 a year. With increased distribution costs are expected to increase by $264 a year leading to the average household paying an average bill of $2200.


The A.C.T's independent electricity pricing authority has approved a 17.7% increase in retail electricity prices effective from 1 July.

Northern Territory

The NT Government has stated that households can expect electricity prices increases of $135 per year due to the carbon tax and at least another 2.8% due to their annual CPI linked rises.




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