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Why is energy efficient training important now?

Primarily, the government has recognized energy efficiency as being a major key to its green house gas emissions program. In addition there are numerous drivers in all market segments - domestic, commercial and industrial - that are creating an increasing demand for energy efficient and sustainable/or environmentally-friendly installations, technology and products.

Some of the market drivers include:

  • The Australian Government setting the National target of reducing our carbon pollution to 25% below the 2000 level by 2020.
  • An increasing consumer awareness of environmental issues and the need to save energy. However, while many consumers are now becoming more aware of the need to save energy, few are aware of how to go about it or what savings can be made.
  • New energy efficiency standards for commercial and public buildings introduced into the Building Code of Australia with effect from 1 May 2006.
  • More opportunities for contractors to encourage energy efficient installations as they are regularly maintaining, repairing and upgrading installations in domestic, commercial and industrial premises.
  • The demand for electricity is growing nationally at 4 percent per annum, a figure that is unsustainable.
  • A national emissions trading scheme in the pipeline, which will drive demand for energy efficiency, particularly in non-domestic markets, and increase energy costs.
  • Government-funded initiatives, such as The Solar Cities Project, which stimulate consumer awareness and demand for energy efficient products and services and accredited professionals.
  • Financial incentives for customers to invest in energy saving products and technologies.
  • Market research completed by Sustainability Victoria highlighted that the Electro technology industry is 1 of the top 3 industries that has the strength and ability to have a real and positive effect on the sustainability of our environment and really reduce our carbon footprint.

NECA has recognized the importance of these influencing factors on the electrical and communications industry and the growing market opportunities for contractors and has developed the EcoSmart Electricians program to help contractors be better equipped and trained to take advantage of these new business opportunities.

EcoSmart Electricians - Connecting you to a more sustainable future

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