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Why choose an EcoSmart Electrician?

An EcoSmart Electrician is a licensed Electrical Contractor that is also trained, certified and accredited in energy efficiency. All EcoSmart Electricians have been professionally trained in energy efficient products, technologies and installations so that they are fully qualified to assist you in reducing your energy usage, saving you money and play your small role in helping our environment.

How an EcoSmart Electrician can help you?

Whether you are a home or business owner there is an EcoSmart Electrician that can help you reduce the amount of electricity you consume. EcoSmart Electricians are trained in different aspects of energy efficiency including energy management, lighting, heating/cooling and motors/pumps. Many are also qualified to install solar PV systems.

Just like a mechanic is the right person to advice you on your car an electrician is the right person to advice you on how to make your home or business more energy efficient. Their knowledge and advice could help you save hundreds dollars off your electricity bill each year.

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What customers think?

Mark & Belinda Jones completed building their new lake fronted home in Lake Boga.

Richard Sammon, EcoSmart Electrician, assisted the Jones' with their sustainable project by recommending a number of energy efficient installations, this is what Mark had to say:

"There is absolutely an economic rationale behind what we have done here and we are looking forward to the day that we can start selling the energy we produce here back to the energy companies" Mark enthused.

"It's not about being a greeney, in fact you could call me a penny pincher, as I believe in saving money with the beauty of saving the planet at the same time. To me this is just common sense - Not everyone believes in global warming but everyone believes in saving money don't they!" Mark explained

Russell, the Facilities Manager at the City of Maribyrnong, looks after a number of different projects from the Maribyrnong Aqua Arena to the Maribyrnong Town Hall.

JP&T Electrical, EcoSmart Electrician, is 1 of the 2 contractors chosen to undertake projects for the City of Maribyrnong. Russell explained why he chooses JP&T Electrical:

"JP&T Electrical's experience and knowledge is extensive. I have the assurance with JP&T Electrical, that each time they approach a job, for The City of Maribyrnong, they will go above and beyond to offer the most energy efficient solution for us".

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