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Why become an EcoSmart Electrician?

The average Australian household generates approx 13 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year from their direct use of electricity, gas, transport fuels and other household fuels.

Harmful emissions are largely generated from domestic activities such as heating, lighting and transport. There are a number of ways households, businesses and factories alike can conserve energy or consume it more efficiently.

Become the expert

When you become an EcoSmart Electrician you gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be an energy efficient expert.

You will be recognized ahead of the rest

You are able to use the EcoSmart Electricians brand to add strength and credibility to your team, your business and your service. You will learn to look for the energy efficient option with every installation, job, project and program you approach.

On-going development opportunities for your business

  • Continuous up-to-date information will be made available to accredited members through the dedicated website and eNews. This will provide participants with ongoing knowledge of the emerging technologies and products that directly impact energy efficiency.
  • On-going marketing and promotional support through regular meetings exclusive to EcoSmart Electricians Accredited Contractors.
  • An accredited members only area has been designed and developed. This will be regularly updated with effective tools for your business.
  • EcoSmart has been re-energized to provide key industry information, links and a contractor search facility - making it easier for your future customers to find and select your services.
  • Access to marketing and sales support for specific projects

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