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What support do we offer our EcoSmart Electricians?

EcoSmart Electricians Website

This dedicated EcoSmart Electricians website has been created as a comprehensive and useful tool. plays two major roles:

  1. To inform and educate consumers of the importance of energy efficiency and the need for EcoSmart Electricians
  2. To play a vital role as an information HUB for our accredited EcoSmart Electricians. Keeping them up-to-date on developments in products and services as well as providing them with tools to promote their energy efficient services to the community

An important feature of the site is the search for an EcoSmart Electrician facility - This enables consumers, your potential customers, to locate an EcoSmart Electrician in their area.

Our accredited EcoSmart Electricians are able to login, update their details and attach additional service information to promote their business the way they want.

Additional Benefits - Not just a training course

Once you have completed the four compulsory modules and obtained your EcoSmart Electricians accreditation, you will receive the following:

  • Use of the EcoSmart Electricians branding and logo for your company's marketing material, enabling you to promote your EcoSmart Electricians accreditation and knowledge of energy efficient installations and products to your customers
  • A supply of brochures, written specifically for consumers, to inform them of the program and the benefits of using an EcoSmart Electricians accredited contractor. This document will also be available for download from the secure area on
  • A supply of bumper stickers and EcoSmart Electricians Accredited Contractor stickers
  • EcoSmart Electricians Accredited Contractor certificate
  • Access to ongoing technical information and support via
  • Valuable advertising support through a company listing in the Search for an EcoSmart Electrician facility on the website
  • Promotion through Public Exhibitions and Shows
  • Promotion through advertising of the EcoSmart Electricians brand in Sustainable publications such as Green Pages and web links to a range of sustainability based sites
  • Access to industry experts through the website, providing up-to-date technical and marketing advice and support as required
  • An Up-to-date regular email newsletter highlighting the latest changes, industry trends and EcoSmart Electricians news
  • Opportunities to attend regular regional EcoSmart Electricians group meetings, providing ongoing marketing support and technological information
  • Opportunities to participate in general promotional activities undertaken by NECA
  • Access to ongoing training

Further Information contact your local NECA Office

NECA National Office (02) 9439 8523
New South Wales (02) 9744 1099 or 1300 361 099
Victoria (03) 9645 5533
South Australia Chapter (08) 8272 2966
Western Australia Chapter 1300 632 292
Tasmania Chapter 1300 300 031
Queensland Chapter 1300 794 846
Australian Capital Territory Chapter (02) 6280 5580

About NECA

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) are the only organization that represents electrical and communications contractors Australia-wide, from employers and business people to technicians.

NECA regularly provides more than 5,000 members nationwide with up-to-date industry-relevant information. This information includes current training, occupational health and safety, industrial and legislative requirements and advice, to enhance their businesses. NECA also actively represents members' needs and interests at all levels of government and industry, ensuring members' voices are heard.

The EcoSmart Electricians program is open to all Registered Electrical Contracting businesses Australia-wide. REC's are not required to be NECA members.

Interested in learning more about th NECA member benefits? Visit the NECA website

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