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Course Name: BCA Lighting
Start Date: 15/09/2016
Summary: Energy Efficient Training for Electricians
Course Summary
If you are working in the commercial or construction fields or are involved with lighting projects this course is a must for you.

Working with the National Construction Code (NCC) and especially understanding the impacts of section J6 on energy efficiency requirements is critical. Do the plans you have been supplied conform? What options do I have? Can the design be amended? Is there money in this? Not understanding can cost you money!


Course Duration and Mode of Study
Two days Thursday 15 & 29 September (8am - 4pm)


Course Content
Topics covered include:

  • Fundamentals of illumination technology and design
  • Interpretation and use of lighting codes and photometric data
  • Design, test and evaluation of lighting systems in accordance with BCA Part J
  • Planning and layout of lighting systems in accordance with BCA Part J
  • Capital and operating costs of various lighting systems
  • Statutory and industrial requirements for lighting systems
  • Applications of computers in illumination engineering
  • Safety and safe working practices


Course Requirements/Prerequisites
Must have completed the Lighting module of EcoSmart Electricians training or Lighting for Living course or equivalent.


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Venue: Carlton North
General Public Cost: $495.00
NECA Member Cost: $450.00
State: Victoria
Status: Active

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